What We Do

The Mold Proof Inspection

“This is no ordinary inspection…it’s the ridiculously thorough Mold Proof Inspection! Mold is really sneaky, but we’re great at finding every place it can hide. We are certified in Mold Inspection & Testing.”

The Mold Proof Inspection usually lasts one hour. We look for mold and mold-friendly conditions, so even if mold isn’t growing, we will find any places that could have future growth. Once complete, we’ll give you a clear, in-depth report of everything we find, complete with a diagram of your home, any mold-friendly conditions we find and suggested courses of action. Oh, and it’s free.

Certified Mold Inspection

“If we find issues during the Mold Proof Inspection, we also offer an extended service — the Certified Mold Inspection.”

    • The Inspection Our certified mold inspectors take samples of your home’s surfaces and send them to a trusted third party laboratory.
    • The Results We walk you through the laboratory testing results, showing which species of mold are present, what their effects are, and how much is present compared to the natural outdoor environment.

Mold Prevention

“Choose from low-cost partial treatments or turn your home into a permanently mold-proofed citadel. After the work is done, we offer Mold Clearance Testing to make sure mold can never infiltrate.”

      • Hot Zone Installations: Treatment of basement, crawl spaces & attics — called “Hot Zones” — including their masonry, plastic, metal, wood, structural framing, plumbing, HVAC, sheathing, joists, trusses and foundations.
      • Full Home Mold-Proofing: The Hot Zone Installation plus all living spaces — inside walls, under cabinets, upholstery, carpets and other flooring, HVAC, even door handles and drawer pulls! Our process is safe, and leaves no chemical residue. In fact, we only use environmentally friendly products.
      • Additions & Expansions: Customized solutions for your home’s addition.
      • Mold Proof Your Office: Everything you see above also applies to commercial properties. Whether you only need a small office treatment or need to get your entire office park mold-proofed, we can help! Our processes are safe & leave no chemical residue. Click here to find out more about the environmentally friendly products we use.

Mold Remediation

“If we find mold in your home during the Mold Proof Inspection, we are able to safely and effectively remove it.”

      • You’ll find out that not only are we the best at permanently preventing mold, we’re also an unstoppable mold-destroying machine. We’ll make sure your home is brought back to a safe and clean living environment. Once the mold is removed, you’ll have the option of having us go ahead and apply our mold prevention process as well.

Mold Proof During Construction

“What if you’re building a house or other structure? Good news! Now is the perfect time to bring us in. Mold-proofing is a tremendous value-add for new construction and with our lifetime renewable guarantee, you’ll have real peace of mind.”

      • Hot Zone Plus Installations: Includes hot zones (unconditioned areas such as basements, crawl spaces, stairwells and attics) plus areas that tend to be high-moisture such as kitchens, baths, and laundry areas.


      • Perimeter Installations: Includes all areas in the Hot Zone Plus installation plus all exterior wall framing, sheathing, door jambs, window jambs, and plumbing runs.
      • Ultimate Structural Installations: Includes everything above, plus coverage of all trusses and joists in the structure.

Indoor Air Quality

“The quality of your family’s or employees’ health depends partly on the quality of the air they breathe at home or in the office. We can help you breathe easier.”

      • “Why should I mold-proof my HVAC?” Your HVAC (heating and air conditioning) system truly acts as the “lungs” of your house or property. Duct work is highly susceptible to mold and mildew because of condensation in the system.
      • Our HVAC treatments are always properly exectued, including cleaning from the fan to the vents, including the trunk line.
      • We also provide the Mold Proof service for your HVAC to prevent future mold growth!
      • Act quickly if someone in your home or office suffers from allergies to various pollens, if you have pets in your home, or if there are smokers in your home or office.


Exterior Restoration

“Fight the ugly! Even a new home’s exterior can become ugly when algae and other bacteria are allowed to grow, but we can cure the ugly and keep it away.”

      • Environmentally Friendly: As always, we use products and methods which maintain a safe living and working environment.
      • Whole Exterior: We can restore you whole exterior: fences, decks, patios, driveways, gutters & downspouts, sofetts, roofing and more!
      • Increase Curb Appeal: With a quick & simple annual treatment, we can maintain your home’s exterior curb appeal.
      • Risk Free: Our processes won’t damage your home, and all our work is insured.


Moisture Control

      • Why Control Moisture? Too much moisture in your home creates an unhealthy living environment and leads to premature aging in the structure.
      • The Goal: To maintain humidity levels, which helps prevent mold growth.
      • How We Do It: We encapsulate your crawlspace and install dehumidifiers, along with any other techniques necessary.